The Complete Works of Raphael - huge hardback book, publ. 1969, First Edition

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Eight Italian scholars examine the Renaissance painter's life, artistic activity, and individual paintings, drawings, and architectural projects as well as drawing attention to his poetry and fascination with the history and culture of ancient Rome

  • Luisa Becherucci (Author)
  • Alessandro Marabottini (Author)
  • Anna Forlani Tempesti (Author)
  • Giuseppe Marchini (Author)
  • Giovanni Becatti (Author)
  • Ferdinando Castagnoli (Author)
  • Vincenzo Golzio (Author)
  • Mario Salmi (Introduction)
  • Raphael (Artist)

Hardcover - published 1969, by Harrison House

649 pages

ISBN-10: 0517254220

ISBN-13: 978-0517254226

Language: English

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