Royal Worcester Evesham Gold Oval Serving Dish Shape 30 Size 6

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Evesham Gold, named after the local fruit growing region near Worcester, was developed by Royal Worcester in 1961 amid a new trend for informal dining that was to bring the humble casserole dish from the kitchen to the dining table!

The design was in the tradition of still life fruit compositions which had been used for centuries to test a painter's skill. Therefore, it was a natural progression that Royal Worcester artists should develop the same skills. Within the Evesham design apples, pears, cherries, damsons and blackberries are just a few of the colourful fruit sprays. The original painted fruit sprays were painted by Professor Baker, Ronald Van Ruyckevelt, Peter Ewence and others in the Royal Worcester Design department.

This oval serving dish is in good vintage condition, no chips, cracks or repairs, the colours are bright. It measures approx 12" x 7"