Logitech ZEROTOUCH air vent Smart Car Mount & Voice Controlled App for Android

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Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent, Hands-Free Car Mount and Voice Assistant App with Amazon Alexa, Exclusively for Android Phones - Black

ZeroTouch is your hands-free, in-car connectivity solution to your digital world.

ZeroTouch is the only car mount with voice control and Alexa integration. After installing the app, just place your Android phone on the magnetic car mount and speak freely so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Install in three, easy steps:

1.Download and launch the ZeroTouch app from the Google Play Store (the app only works with a ZeroTouch mount).

2.Follow the on-screen setup instructions to attach the metal adapter, install the mount in the car and pair your phone to the Bluetooth mount.

3.Customize your preferences in the ZeroTouch app settings.

Once set up, simply place your phone to the mount and start driving. ZeroTouch runs silently in the background, waiting for your next command.