Five different ways to volunteer for Martlets

Five different ways to volunteer for Martlets

Our volunteers help in many different places. They complete a variety of essential roles from helping in our shops, to collecting our donation pots. They even help maintaining our allotment which is used for Earthworks, our bereavement group for men.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers for your hard work. Whether it’s a regular shift or a once in a while, we’re so grateful for the time our volunteers give us.

This is what some of our volunteers had to say about being with us over the years and what they get up to in their roles.

Trudy, Donation Pot Collector

Trudy has been volunteering with us for over 6 years. She has had many different roles including working at our London Road shop.

“I loved my time at London Road, the environment and the people were just brilliant. We always had lots of fun doing whatever we can for the shop. For Pride we dressed up in some really silly outfits, we must have looked mad.

At the moment, I go around Brighton and Hove collecting the charity pots in the shops and places. I love doing this as it is a great way to meet lots of different people, have good chats and good cups of tea.

I love giving back, helping however I can, also it is always a great time. Anyone thinking about volunteering should definitely give it a go. If you got the time and energy it is worthwhile and you’ll have lots of fun.”

Trudy sitting on a swing bench in a garden

Dick , Volunteer PAT Tester

Dick has been volunteering with us for several years and in the past three years he has been our volunteer PAT Tester.

“The thing I enjoy most about my role is the rescuing things, we get stuff in that people would be throwing out. I test them and make sure the things are working to go out to the shops. It’s important to make sure these things don’t end up in landfill and can go to a new home.

Before I was a PAT tester, we were moving some things around the warehouse. I found what looked like a square lump of metal that would have ended up in the rubbish. But I knew it was a high-end amplifier which went for about £200 on eBay. That was one of my proudest moments.

I would say volunteering is a really good thing to do. Not only are you helping others but you are also helping yourself.”

David, People Services Advisory Team Volunteer

David has been volunteering with us since 2019 in our People Services Advisory Team.

“The most important part for me is getting things done. I enjoy completing tasks and seeing a project through.

I am proud to be a Martlets volunteer because they do such fantastic work. You should definitely come join our lovely team, you’ll have endless fun and you’ll love it.”

Barry, Scrap Metal and Coin Collector

Barry has been volunteering with us since 2013. In those years Barry has raised an amazing £36,000. The oldest coin that he’s sold was a 1723 George 1st Halfpenny.

“I had retired from work in 2012 and decided to volunteer for the hospice after coming along to a volunteers’ open day. Initially I helped out in the pound shop and with the online sales, but one day I was asked to look at some coins with a view to selling them on eBay and it all started from there.

I enjoy volunteering, it’s so rewarding.  The team here are always thanking me for my efforts and people are genuinely pleased with the amount that I’ve raised; it’s nice to be appreciated.”

Graham, Compassionate Neighbour

Graham signed up to be a Compassionate Neighbour via Martlets. He was matched with Bernie* who has terminal cancer. Graham calls him once a week for a chat and they have met up a few times.

“For many people who are terminally ill and living alone it can be a very isolating and lonely experience. A friendly phone call can make all the difference and that’s why I signed up as a volunteer for Compassionate Neighbours.

Bernie once said to me out of the blue, ‘You give me a purpose to live’, which really moved me. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that something as simple as a regular chat can make such a difference to someone’s wellbeing.”

*name changed to maintain anonymity

Graham Davis Compassionate Neighbour

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