Magic Flute by Jun Kaneko



Magic Flute by Jun Kaneko 

"This is an in-depth overview of the creation and development of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute by artist and ceramicist Jun Kaneko.

In 2009 the San Francisco Opera commissioned Kaneko to create a contemporary The Magic Flute which took him on a three-year journey to realize this new high-tech production. The book documents this process from the very first artist sketches until the opening night production on stage in San Francisco. 

This fascinating and exciting journey is recorded in numerous colour photographs, which are accompanied by essays that address the production's creation and place it in the context of the age of Enlightenment, when Mozart created this remarkable opera."


Published in 2012 by Laurence King Publishing 

124 pages 

ISBN: 978-1-85669-887-0

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