Volunteering with Martlets over the years

Trudy Weller has been volunteering with Martlets for just over six years. She has volunteered in many different roles within Martlets but now her main role is collecting the charity pots around Brighton. Trudy always enjoys her time with Martlets and her favourite part is meeting new people.

Trudy wanted to volunteer for Martlets as way to show her admiration to the charity. When her father got ill, Martlets was there to treat him in the end of his life.

“Martlets treated my dad like he was their own dad. They were there for him all the way and I couldn’t be more thankful for care received.”

She was very grateful for the care her father and the family received. As a result, this led her wanting to find a way to give back which led her to volunteering.

How it all started

“My first role was working at the Blatchington Road shop but when a role opened up at London Road I moved there as it was easier for me to get to.

I loved my time at London Road, the environment and the people were just brilliant. We always had lots of fun doing whatever we can for the shop. For Pride we dressed up in some really silly outfits, we must have looked mad.”

Trudy used to volunteer at our London Road shop. Also, she has even helped out in our warehouse. As Trudy’s life got more hectic, she had to stop her time at London Road. However, she still found ways to support the hospice by giving her time at our events like the Santa Bus and even fundraising herself.

“At the moment, I go around Brighton and Hove collecting the charity pots in the shops and places. I bring my husband along too with the promise he’ll get a bottle of coke. I love doing this as it is a great way to meet lots of different people, have good chats and good cups of tea.”

Trudy is always helping out in any way she can by finding lots of different ways to support the hospice.

Volunteering, Fundraising and more…

Prior to volunteering, Trudy did some fundraising for Martlets. This included running a little library at her previous job. She allowed her colleagues to borrow books from her library for a 50p donation to Martlets.

When she is not volunteering, Trudy still fundraises for Martlets. At her current place of work, whenever they are doing events and raffles, she encourages them to pick Martlets as a sponsor.

She sells Avon as a way of fundraising, giving what she can. This September she is even taking on the thrilling challenge by doing our i360 drop.

Being a part of #TeamMartlets

Before Martlets Trudy had never done any regular volunteering before but had done small projects before. Through her work, she volunteered doing things such as painting children homes and helping out at events.

She wasn’t sure what to expect when she first started volunteering for Martlets, but she is so glad she done it.

“I love giving back, helping however I can, also it is always a great time.”

“Anyone thinking about volunteering should definitely give it a go. If you got the time and energy it is worthwhile and you’ll have lots of fun. It is a great way to give back to Martlets plus they really need and appreciate you.”